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    Jiangsu Glittering Orient Ultrasonic Motor Co.,Ltd is located in National university science and technology park of Southeast University, which is in Qixiadistrict in Nanjing.On the North Of Yangtze River and South of Zijin Mountain. The company upholds the ideas of scientific and technological innovation and industry serving the country, committingto R&D, manufacture and sales of ultrasonic machine and its application system, and takes the lead in realizing the industrialization of the ultrasonic machine in China.
    Through the close cooperation with many domestic universities and scientific research institutions, the company has established a research & development team with abundant strength that focuses on industry technology innovation..As the leader in domestic ultrasonic motor industry, we grasp the core technologyof ultrasonic motor and a number of invention patent has been applied forOur main products include rod type, ring type, circular plate type traveling wave mode, longitudinal torsional composite mode and many other kinds of rotary type ultrasonic motors and their application systems, the company has developeda variety of linear mode ultrasonic motors and their motion platforms withdriving control at the same time.We specializes in providing “the system solutions to achieve precision driving and control in the complex environment” according to customers’demands.
    Carrying forward the enterprise spirit of “forge ahead and make unremittinselfimprovement”, we insist on technological innovation and creating value for customers .Leading the development of ultrasonic motor in China.